The postage is the same…but Ross4Marketing’s Unique EDDM Products are better.

Grand Opening / Special Events

You only get one chance to make a first impression.

A successful Grand Opening / Special Event is exciting.  We want the whole community to come and visit our new location.  A Grand Opening / Special Event is a great opportunity to showcase your business to potential customers and network with other businesses to form strategic alliances.

Set Your Budget

In a retail store Grand Opening typically 20% of your first year’s advertising budget will be spent on Grand Open marketing, about $6000 ($1MM sales x 3%= $30,000). With most of your customers living in a 3 to 5-mile radius of your store…direct mail marketing and POP makes a lot of sense.

Budget: $6000

$3750(Qty:10,000) EDDM Saturation Mail – Ross4Marketings’ Peel Off Supersize Postcard
$1500Flyers, Sign Spinners, Internal POP, Balloons, Banners and Signs
$100Facebook Social Marketing
$650Other Stuff (Help Wanted etc)

Ross4Marketing’s Unique Direct Mail Products

You only have one chance to make a first impression. Be different, make your Grand Opening stand out, control the magic 3 to 5 mile radius around your new store. Use saturation EDDM direct mail to let everyone know you are open.

Freshen up your direct mail image! Use size, shape and interactivity to get more attention. Consumers get bored with the same old “stuff” in the mailbox. Give them something different, make your mailer interactive.  The longer a consumer holds your mailer, the more interest is created.

Handout Peel Off Cards

With Peel Off Offer Cards you get two chances to make a sale…Sell one time with your targeted direct mail message, then sell, a second time with the peel off offer card. People save the offer card in their purse or wallet for later use

See for Yourself

Get A FREE sample packet: touch them, open them…experience the uniqueness. Ross4Marketing will send you a FREE sample packet with all four of our Unique direct mail products. Plus, Ross will include a one-time certificate for up to $100* off any purchase of $1,000 or more – Just for You! Please return the following information:

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