Sample Marketing Campaigns by Ross4Marketing

Secret Santa Scratch-Off Card for Las Casuelas

Secret-Santa Scratch-Off Card for Las Casuelas

Client: Las Casuelas Quinta

Product: 6″x4″ Scratch-Off Card
CMYK, 2-Sided, Scratch-Off Area on back

Theme: Secret Santa

Marketing Goal: Seasonal Promotion

To spread as much cheer (and encourage as much business) as possible this holiday season, Las Casuelas was looking for a special handout for their customers. These Secret-Santa Scratch-Off cards treat the customer to a special offer after the holidays. The customer brings the card to the restaurant in January, scratches the scratch-off area with their server, and reveals their holiday gift!

Now Open Counter Card for BIC Tacos

BIC Tacos Counter Card Sample

Client: BIC Tacos

Product: 6″x2.625″
Counter Card
CMYK, 2-Sided (1-Side UV Coating)

Theme: Now Open

Marketing Goal: Grand Opening

BIC Tacos was opening their first store and they needed an affordable, effective advertising tool to help make their grand opening a smash hit. Ross put together a fun, fresh counter card that showcased their simple menu items and pricing, introduced their brand & included an exciting offer on the reverse. Their opening was a success!

Takeout Menu for Cactus Flower

Cactus Flower Takeout Menu

Client: Cactus Flower Mexican Restaurant

Product: 14″x8.5″ (4.375″x8.5″ Folded)
Takeout Menu
CMYK, 2-Sided

Theme: Takeout Menu

Marketing Goal: Same-Day Sales / Menu Clarity

Cactus Flower already has well-established branding in their community, but they wanted to increase the frequency and overall number of orders. They reached out to Ross4Marketing to design and print a takeout menu that would help build their business. Cactus Flower’s menu is Mexican food, so their descriptions and lists of ingredients are relatively long.

Ross was able to keep the menu bright and easy-to-read, despite the occasional long description. Through strategic utilization of Cactus Flower’s branding and color schemes, Ross created a warm, inviting takeout menu that proved successful and effective.

35% Off Supersize Postcard for Innovative Painting

Innovative Painting Supersize Postcard

Client: Innovative Painting

Product: 11″x6″ Cardstock
Supersize Postcard
CMYK, 2-Sided, UV-Coated Front

Theme: 35% Off Summer Sale

Marketing Goal: Seasonal Promotion

Innovative Painting wanted to keep their momentum rolling all through summer, so they reached out to Ross4Marketing to help with customer prospecting. Ross designed an eye-catching, informative postcard, and used our EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) program to deliver them to the neighborhoods most likely to become Innovative Painting’s newest customers.

Takeout Menu for Wood’ys

Wood'ys Takeout Menu

Client: Wood’ys Grill & Bar

Product: 14″x8.5″ (4.375″x8.5″ Folded)
Takeout Menu
CMYK, 2-Sided

Theme: Wood’ys Grill $amp; Bar

Marketing Goal: Customer Retention

Wood’ys Grill & Bar was looking to improve their customer retention and increase the frequency of visits by their customers, so they reached out to Ross4Marketing to design a takeout menu. Wood’ys menu was converted into a trifold takeout menu with a layout that optimized navigability and highlighted the special items on the menu.

Takeout Menu for Mr. Egg

Mr. Egg Takeout Menu

Client: Mr. Egg

Product: 14″x8.5″ (4.375″x8.5″ Folded)
Premium Restaurant Menu
CMYK, 2-Sided

Theme: Restuarant Menu

Marketing Goal: Menu Presentation / Upsales

After Ross designed the full-size restaurant menu for Mr. Egg, it was time to tackle the takeout menu. Ross’ team of marketing professionals converted Mr. Egg’s large menu into a sharp trifold takeout menu that would encourage customers to keep coming back, even when they didn’t have the time to sit down and eat a full meal. Distributing these takeout menus to their customers increased Mr. Egg’s business, as it reinforced their branding and served as a reminder of their takeout services.

Mr. Egg Restaurant Menu for Mr. Egg

Mr. Egg Restaurant Menu

Client: Mr. Egg

Product: 27″x15″ (9″x15″ Folded)
Premium Restaurant Menu
CMYK, 2-Sided

Theme: Restuarant Menu

Marketing Goal: Menu Presentation / Upsales

Mr. Egg was getting ready to open their doors for the first time, so they needed a professionally designed menu that was easy to read and highlighted their popular items. Ross designed a large 6-panel restaurant menu that was clean, attractive, and effective for their wide variety of breakfast items. Ross prints only the highest quality products, so these menus lasted well over a year of heavy use.

Great Scotts Eatery Menu for Great Scotts

Great Scotts Menu Sample

Client: Great Scotts

Product: 20″x13.5″ (13.5″x10″ Folded)
Premium Menu
CMYK, 2-Sided

Theme: Taste the Memories

Marketing Goal: Menu Presentation / Upsales

Great Scotts Eatery has a distinct, retro personality and a comprehensive menu. Great Scotts contacted Ross for custom Menus that emphasized their brand and focused attention on their most profitable products

Great Scotts’ new custom Menus boosted drink sales & appetizer sales and streamlined ordering.

Crushed Red Supersize Postcard for JAM Management

Crushed Red Supersize Postcard

Client: JAM Management

Product: 11″x6″ Supersize Postcard
CMYK, 2-Sided (UV Front)
EDDM Delivery

Theme: We are OPEN

Marketing Goal: New Customer Prospecting

JAM Management needed to prospect new customers for their client, Crushed Red. Our team built them an Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) campaign from the ground up, targeting high-density carrier routes full of Crushed Red’s target demographic: young urban families.

Our campaigns get results. JAM reported a 17% improvement in repeat business, as well as almost 600 new customers over a 1-month period.