What makes Ross4Marketing special?

Ross4Marketing is special because we are a print marketing company. Ross4Marketing is an experienced team of Marketing Professionals driven to help Business Owners build their business through Marketing Excellence.

What is Every Door Direct Mail?

Every Door Direct Mail is a program of the United States Post Office that gives mailers the ability to target local customers without the requirement of an address label. Local mailers save money on their saturation mailings by avoiding mailing list and addressing costs.

Do I need a postal permit?

No you do not, Ross4Marketing handles everything. No permit is needed.

Who can I mail to?

Every Door Direct Mail delivers all homes and businesses in a given mail carrier route. Zip codes are comprised of many mail carrier routes. Mail carrier routes contain approximately 300 to 800 addresses.

How do I get my Mail Carrier Route counts?

Ross’ “Get Noticed” Mapping tool is specially designed to easily get your mail carrier route counts. This point and click tool locates your business on a map and then you visually click the areas you want to mail. Ross’ mapping tool keeps a running total of zip codes, mail carrier routes and count total for you. There is no need to go to the US Post Office site to get your counts.

Can I exclude businesses from my mailing?

Yes you can, Ross’ “Get Noticed” Mapping tool will let you select “Residential and Business” or “Residential only” addresses.

How long does it take?

Your Every Door Direct Mailers will be in-home approximately two weeks after the art is approved. Ross4Marketing can help you schedule a targeted in-home 3 day window (windows are not guaranteed).

Can I make split drops on my mailing?

Yes you can, you can make a maximum of 3 drops (no more than 2 weeks between drops).

Is there a minimum or maximum I can mail?

Ross4Marketing’s minimum is 2,500 mailers and there is no maximum. Single store owners can mail one area or large corporate and franchise businesses can mail carrier routes all over the country at the same time for a coordinated campaign.

How Much does it cost?

Ross4Marketing has one all-inclusive print and mail price, larger quantities as low as 29.0 cents. Ross does everything from the idea to the mailbox.

Why are your prices so low?

Thank you, we are glad you noticed! Ross4Marketing is a large “All Under One Roof” marketing, print and mail company that has a large print manufacturing plant. We “gang run” millions of printed units each week.

Can I pay with credit cards?

Yes you can, Ross accepts Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover cards.

Do I have to drop off the mailers to the Post Office myself?

No you do not, Ross4Marketing’s all-inclusive print and mail price includes everything, including US postage and freight to your local post office.

Can I order extra mailers as store handouts?

Yes you can, just ask your Ross Marketing representative for a “print only” price for the additional units. Remember it is against the law to mail these mailers without affixing the appropriate postage. The post office will not mail these without proper postage.

How do I learn more?

Call a Ross4Marketing EDDM marketing representative (8:00AM EST to 8:00PM EST) at 1-800-421-1684 or e-mail Ross at: sales@rossprintmarketing.com.