“We’ve been working with Ross Printing for over six years. They have printed everything for us, from poster boards, menus, brochures to business cards. However, their biggest value to us and our business has been our direct mail campaigns. The process is simple and effortless. We upload our mailing list and they take care of the rest. We mail 5000-10,000 post cards at a time and they have ALWAYS come through for us. It’s always a pleasure to work with a company that puts the customer’s needs first and not the other way around.”
-Ben Martinez
El Jardin Restaurant

“Mark of Excellence Pizza Company has worked with Ross4Marketing for over 30 years. My experience working with the Ross team has been excellent. They have exceeded my expectations with their “Build the Business” program. I would strongly recommend them to anyone seeking to increase their sales and promote the Domino’s brand. Ross4Marketing is a company with integrity and truly cares about their clients.”
-Teresa Posten
Mark of Excellence Pizza Company

“Ross4Marketing allows me the ability to know that every two weeks I am mailing a part of my customer base. Which means I’m driving sales, and I don’t have to do anything but reply to their email. They provide me the ability to support the National calendar, change coupons biweekly (should I want to) and react to market conditions very quickly. The Ross Data based marketing program is a staple of my plan. We have seen sales growth for the last 5 years like everyone else in our market, however I tend to trend 2-4% higher in PCYA and my AWUS is $2000 higher than my market.”
-Ray Montez

“Ross provided us with well designed eye-catching mailers for our grand openings. They delivered as promised with great turnouts and lots of smiling faces.”
-General Manager
Domino’s Pizza, Boston

“I only regret that I didn’t learn of them (Ross) sooner. This company is a slam dunk for ANYONE in the restaurant industry.”
-Frank Pirrone
Frankie’s Grill & Bar

“I started the Non-Customer Mail program with Ross4Marketing in May 2016 with 5 of my stores and have been extremely happy with the results and service. I plan on utilizing this mail program for all of my 37 stores. The non-customer mailings have brought in many new customers who continue to reorder!”
-Salim Chuadonga