Mystery EDDM Postcard

EDDM Saturation mail has become very popular for B2C customer acquisition mailings. QSR restaurants (and others) like the low price and localized distribution of EDDM mailers. Traditional postcards are a powerful tool in the EDDM bucket but consumers are getting bored!

New in 2018 – Mystery EDDM Postcards!

Ross4Marketing’s “Mystery EDDM Postcard” is the answer. The “Just For You” offers are hidden by the “Special Offers” flap. Human curiosity takes over as customers immediately open the mystery flap. The longer a consumer holds your mailer, the more interest is created. Give your customers something different, make your mailers interactive.

Double your mail impact with Peel Off Offer Card Mailers vs regular postcards or trifold mailers. Motivate your target customers to act immediately with a compelling mail message and then put a strong call to action on the offer card. Peel Off Offer Cards messages stand out – men and women will save the discount cards in their purse or wallet for later use.

“Mystery EDDM Postcards” are great for:

  • Grand Openings
  • New Customer Acquisition Promotions
  • “Talk to Everyone” Promotions
  • Increasing Order frequency of new or existing customers
  • Special Event or Holiday Promotions

Sign up customers to you “Loyalty Club” and add them to your database for later strategic marketing. It is 10X easier to keep a current customer than acquire a new one1.

The possibilities are endless. The Postage is the same – but Ross4Marketing’s Unique Mail Products are better.

Call Ross4Marketing – your unique B2C Print, Mail, POP and Fulfillment marketing services provider. From planning to completion, Ross’ All Under One Roof execution gets projects done.

See For Yourself:

Get A FREE sample packet: touch them, open them…experience the uniqueness. Ross4Marketing will send you a FREE sample packet with all four of our Unique direct mail products. Plus, Ross will include a one-time certificate for up to $100* off any purchase of $1,000 or more – Just for You! Please return the following information:

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Unique Mail Products Sample Request


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1 30 Direct Mail Statistics for 2017 (